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We design, manufacture & launch exceptional products for early stage & high growth companies!

Electronic Design

Are you looking for an electronic design company to take your idea from a concept and develop it into a finished product?

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Mechanical Design

Component design, development and simulation Using SolidWorks software, we innovate, design and develop...

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Software Development

We are experts in the field of software. Our software is developed to work in harmony with our firmware and hardware.

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Industrial Design

We create design concepts that are unique, aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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Prototyping involves more than just the creation of a tactile mockup. It’s both a proof of concept using off the ...

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Simulation and Testing

Virtual simulation and analysis with computer software allows us to investigate multiple design iterations...

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Production Support

We take pride in assisting our clients with every stage of a new product launch. This involves supporting them well ...

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We combine design, engineering and manufacturing considerations to create great products that are functional & ...

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