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Through our wide range of services, we combine design, engineering and manufacturing considerations to create great products that are as functional as they are beautiful. When you actually come to produce your product, we can make the process much easier, by assisting you with:

Design for assembly - we consider how the products are assembled and how to prevent or detect incorrect assembly.

Design of assembly and test equipment - For some products, how you make it is as critical as what you make. We can design jigs, fixtures and test equipment that perfectly match the product’s components and the specified assembly process.

Tolerance analysis - specifying the size of the parts so they work regardless of any production variation. Supplier liaison - working with your existing and new suppliers to design components and processes that are optimized for their capabilities. We can also work with your suppliers to develop new and novel production solutions.

Our approach:

Sure we love to design, engineer, and manufacture physical products, but we understand that successful product development takes more than just jamming a bunch of designers and engineers in a room. We understand how projects can go horribly wrong when customers are not listened to or included in the product development process. We believe that if you enjoy the process and journey of working together, the chances of a successful outcome for your product increases significantly.

Working with a product development team that is not in your direct control or outside of your organization can be a bit unnerving and even intimidating. We want to ensure that you are always kept fully aware of what is happening at every stage of your project and why. What does openness really mean? How do we achieve it? If a customer ever has to call us and ask “What is happening?” then we’ve missed the mark entirely. To us, openness and transparency aren’t static. They’re achieved by maintaining a consistent, disciplined rhythm of client communication informed by impeccable documentation.

We document everything. We call it knowledge capture. Our motto is; if it hasn’t been written down, then the work hasn’t been done. Why do we do this? So we can share our thought process, our challenges, our successes and our failures. Knowledge is valuable once it has been captured. It’s then shared between the team and our customers for more effective collaboration and to get us to solutions quicker. At Namgan you’re not just paying for a result. We believe you deserve to benefit from the knowledge that is generated throughout the product development process.

Our agility and getting things done quickly is a big part of why our clients invest in us. Our management team has a diverse background. We achieve our speed through: Daily Team Huddles to ensure our team is fully aligned towards the most appropriate project priorities. Weekly Client Meetings to ensure we are aligned with our client’s needs so we are not going in the wrong direction.

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