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Prototyping involves more than just the creation of a tactile mockup. It’s both a proof of concept using off the shelf hardware mixed with DIY materials and a fully-functional product constructed of precision-crafted components. for that reason, new product designs generally go through several prototype iterations before they are deemed ready for the production line. Whereas it’s common to think in terms of a single prototype, the process, in fact, typically results in the creation of multiple iterations. Indeed, the design process can usually see as many as three to five different prototype phases, with a multitude of test units put through their paces.

To that end, we have partitioned the prototyping process into three classifications: what we’ll call the Alpha, Beta, and Pilot. While different product developers may use alternative terminology such as minimum viable product (MVP) and proof of concept (POC), these phases are fairly universal. Each phase represents a step forward along a product roadmap and corresponds to an increasing score along the Technology Readiness Level scale. We construct physical prototypes to check product styling, performance and construction methods. Our workshop has facilities to hand make or 3D print prototypes and we work closely with suppliers for CNC machining and low volume tooling.

Force and displacement tests - The strength and operational forces of a product or prototype can be tested, measured and analyzed with precision using our computer controlled axial force test machine and hand-held force test equipment. User interactions such as button press forces and assembly snap forces can be accurately analyzed as can the flexibility and strength of materials.

Our Solutions:

3D printing is additive manufacturing process. It’s used at rapid prototype making and low volume production. We provide 3D printing with FDM and SLA technologies for plastic prototype making. Material Options: PLA, ABS

CNC machining is a subtractive rapid manufacturing process. The part is machined from a plastic block, plastic bar, or metal block, metal bar. It’s one of the most accurate manufacturing processes for fast turn-around parts. We provide CNC machining for rapid prototype making and on-demand manufacturing, with speed, accuracy and competitive cost.

Rather than machining complex forms from a solid block of material, cores and molds can be produced by Rapid Prototyping techniques. Their life will be shorter, but perhaps still sufficient for low-volume production. We can support clients with a wide variety of low volume production solutions for plastics, metals, and composites components.

Our Master Craftsmen are capable of making any custom wooden and clay model of your choice. We can make you a very nice model. From a Schematics or a 3D Model we can make an almost "Perfect" Replica.

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