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Industrial Design

ART and Technology

Industrial design is a process of design applied to products that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production. Its key characteristic is that design is separated from manufacture: the creative act of determining and defining a product's form and features takes place in advance of the physical act of making a product, which consists purely of repeated, often automated, replication. This distinguishes industrial design from craft-based design, where the form of the product is determined by the product's creator at the time of its creation.

All manufactured products are the result of a design process, but the nature of this process can take many forms. The role of an industrial designer is to create and execute design solutions for problems of form, function, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, sustainability, and sales.

Human factors and ergonomics is the application of psychological and physiological principles to the (engineering and) design of products, processes, and systems. The goal of human factors is to reduce human error, increase productivity, and enhance safety and comfort with a specific focus on the interaction between the human and the thing of interest

What we do

We create design concepts that are unique, aesthetically pleasing and functional. We can meet any project requirements including product packaging.

We produce hand drawn artwork, photo-realistic renderings and animations so that you can communicate the concepts, designs and technical details to your colleagues and customers in a compelling and accurate way.

Our state-of-the-art software allows us to create freeform, organic surfaces and integrate them with the mechanical design within our CAD software. Our experience with many differing materials allows us to recommend materials that have brilliant CMF qualities and also be suitable for manufacture.

We use 3DS max, Freehand, Zbrush, Solidworks, photoshop and Corel draw for creating industrial design.

Our Experiences