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Mechanical Design


Using SolidWorks computer aided design (CAD) software, we innovate, design and develop new components, simulate the effect of various forces and stresses, provide full motion analysis and optimize plastic parts for production. We can also use this software to generate drawings and export 3D data to manufacturers.

Design reviews - It is crucial that any new design created by ourselves, or by our clients, be thoroughly reviewed and tested prior to manufacturing. Referring back to the specification, our reviews provide a detailed analysis of potential risks within the design that can then be mitigated if necessary. This has important implications for product performance, product safety, costing, and manufacturing practicability.

Reverse engineering - We take existing products and prototypes and reverse engineer them to assess their components and the construction techniques used. We can then use this information to improve efficiency, increase robustness and reduce the cost.

Important terms:

How can companies pick up on the right innovation impulses and make best use of them? It’s not just a matter of having a few great ideas. To secure the future of your business, you need a sustainably implemented, systematic process.

Creative services have a tendency to cross boundaries and to defy the conventional, which is also a good thing. However, individual actions must still remain compatible. That is just what we do.

On a global scale making a corporate design manual is not enough to establish a consistent appearance. Local developments should be used and agreed on, not only to reduce costs but also to engage the stakeholders in remote branches in a process of cooperation.

The design portfolio analysis compares your products with key competitors and identifies development opportunities for the design intent and the range of products. All available resources are used.

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