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Simulation and Testing


Virtual simulation and analysis with computer software allows us to investigate multiple design iterations thoroughly in a short period of time before anything is made. These services include:

Strength testing of parts - We use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict how strong parts will be and where they will break, given certain forces and stresses. This information allows us to identify whether parts can be reduced in size and retain sufficient strength and which materials should be used for parts.

Moulding simulation - The flow and distortion of material during the plastic injection moulding process is simulated and analyzed. This saves both time and money in developing plastic products by reducing the need for prototype mould tooling and tooling modification loops.

Light simulation - We can engineer and optimize the performance of light pipes and lenses using software to model the path that light takes trough takes through a variety of materials, lenses and mirror. This can reduce the number of prototyping steps and tooling modifications.

Microscopic inspection and measurement - We can inspect the precise size and shape of small parts using our high magnification Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine and Metrology Software. This allows us to reverse engineer competitor products, investigate problems with prototype parts and check the accuracy of production components.

Physical testing - Physical testing is an important process used in conjunction with virtual simulation. Physical testing and development in our lab ensures that the product is suitable for production, based on real-world and unpredictable factors.